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Interactive courses of Polish language

Learning at levels A1 to B2. Each level contains 30 lessons. Vocabulary, structures, dialogues and texts, grammar. Between these sections there are engaging and varied exercises. Material for self-study or studying with a teacher as support for classroom or online courses. Developed by a team of teachers of Polish language for foreigners and e-learning methodologists. Each set of material is a lot of practice, which makes learning more effective. The lessons conclude with a series of revisions to consolidate knowledge. A dictionary and grammar tables are available in the lesson screen.

I listen and understand in Polish

Polski do słuchania – 120 exercises improving listening comprehension at B1/B1+ level, as many as 9 hours of recordings, interesting texts – a guarantee of effective learning.

Proven textbook to practice listening comprehension during self-study, lessons with a teacher and preparation for the B1 certificate exam. Substantive review by dr hab. Aleksandra Achtelik (University of Silesia), recommendations of teachers and foreigners learning Polish. Online and printed version.

Czytam i rozumiem po polsku (I read and understand in Polish)

Polski do czytania – 120 exercises to improve reading comprehension, inspiring texts – a guarantee of significant vocabulary enrichment. 130 shorter and 90 longer texts at B1 level. Proven textbook to practice reading comprehension during self-study, lessons with a teacher and preparation for the B1 certificate exam. Review by dr Agnieszka Madeja (University of Silesia), associated with the team developing test tasks for the state certificate exam in Polish as a foreign language and recommendations for teachers and foreigners learning Polish. Online and printed version.

I am taking the B1 certification exam

B1 exam preparation course – 8 sample exam tests (listening, reading, grammar, writing, speaking). Over 200 tasks to do and tips for each part of the exam. The course can be purchased with the option of individual assessment of written work and speaking by an examiner.

The course has been prepared by a team associated with Edu & More, an examination centre for the state certificate examination in Polish language in Warsaw.

I speak and write Polish without mistakes (grammar and dictations)

10 sets of grammar exercises – the most important grammar topics: case conjugation, verb conjugation in all tenses, adjective and adverb gradation, sentence combinations, transformations, question formation – a guarantee of better grammar correctness.

35 online dictations focusing on the most common mistakes made by foreigners, not only when to write u or ó, rz or ż, but also ł or l, ą or om, ę or en and others. Dictations teach correct spelling based on practical and frequently used vocabulary.

I teach Polish – materials for teachers


Textbooks – online and paper versions


Access to interactive courses


Ready-made worksheets


Conversation cards


Communication and grammar games

Engaging and nicely designed materials for teachers to use in lessons at different levels and in exam preparation courses. They make conducting lessons easy and attractive. Easy to print, with simple instructions – free and affordable. Repeatedly proven in classroom and online courses


The platform for learning Polish – polishlanguage.online

The platform contains original courses of Polish as a foreign language from level A1 to B2, including those useful for preparing for the state certificate exam in Polish, as well as teaching materials for teachers. Many years of work with foreigners and teachers of Polish as a foreign language have revealed their needs, expectations and sympathies. These experiences result in textbooks, teaching materials, interesting aids, tutorials and gadgets.

Materials are prepared by Edu & More team – Polish language school and at the same time examination centre for state exam of Polish as a foreign language.

We know the Polish language, we know how to teach and what foreigners and teachers expect.

Częste pytania (FAQ)

How to start learning on the platform?

Select the course or learning materials you want to use. Sign up to see a free trial lesson or purchase access to the course of your choice in our store. Enjoy your courses without limits: on your computer, laptop and cell phone. 

At what level are the courses?

We offer courses of general Polish language at levels A1 to B2 in English (Polish for Life & Studies) and Russian (Польский на каждый день и в вузе). There are also separate courses available on the platform, which develop and improve listening (Polski do słuchania) and reading (Polski do czytania) skills and sample examination tests at B1 level (Egzamin z języka polskiego – B1), which we recommend to foreigners who plan to take the state exam and to teachers who conduct preparatory courses.Visit us – we are constantly developing the platform and adding new lessons, courses and materials! 


Gdzie można kupić książki?

If you prefer traditional books, buy in our store printed version of books “Polski do słuchania. Ćwiczenia doskonalące umiejętność rozumienia ze słuchu (“Polish to listen. Exercises to improve listening comprehension“) and/or “Polski do czytania. Ćwiczenia doskonalące umiejętność rozumienia tekstów” (“Polish to read. Exercises to improve reading comprehension“). 

How do I register for the exam?

Check exam session dates on Edu & More exam centre website certificate.polishonlinenow.com and take part in open recruitment. There, you can also find out about the preparation courses offered by examiners online and at Edu & More in Warsaw. 

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