Polish for Life & Studies – B1 level


Polish Polish language course (B1 level, intermediate) is designed for everyone eager to speak and understand Polish, regardless of their background or residency.

Whether you’re looking to build a foundation in Polish for everyday interactions or to take B1 examination in Polish (the state exam, ECL exam or Telc exam), our course offers a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

The Polish language course consists of 30 carefully selected thematic lessons (situations from life in Polish) for self-study.




Polish for Life & Studies  course  (B1 level) is designed for everyone eager to speak and understand Polish, regardless of their background or residency.

Whether you’re looking to build a foundation in Polish for everyday interactions or to take B1 examination in Polish (the state exam, ECL exam or Telc exam), our course offers a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

The topics have been selected so that each lesson is useful in specific life situations. We hope that this course will not only help in many everyday situations but also allow you to discover the most interesting aspects of Poland and its people.

The Polish language course consists of 30 carefully selected thematic lessons (situations from life in Polish) for self-study.

Each lesson consists, on average, of 30 screens.

All lessons are available in translation into the English. It is worth increasing the effectiveness of your study: on some screens, there is the option to turn on/off the translation so that after familiarizing yourself with vocabulary and structures, you can understand the text or individual words on your own.

Each lesson is dedicated to a specific topic presented in real-life situations. The initial screens introduce new words in a friendly manner, while the following ones show structures where these words are most commonly used, so that the “learner” can quickly apply new knowledge in practice. The next step includes dialogues and texts about specific situations, introducing new characters. Finally, the necessary grammatical rules are provided.

Between these parts, various engaging exercises are placed. Each portion of material contains a minimum of theory and a lot of practice, increasing the efficiency of learning. The lectures conclude with reinforcement and repetition.

Vocabulary and grammar tables are available on instructional screens.

Your guides will be Pol and Pola, providing instructions, household comments, or additional explanations.

Course programme:

Polish Lesson 1: To be and to have
Welcome to Level B1! Whether you’ve been with us since Level A1 or you’re just joining, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Make the most of all the features available. Print materials from grammar screens, utilize translations to deepen your immersion in the language, and be sure to uncover hidden surprises within the lessons. Wishing you a productive and enjoyable learning experience!

This lesson will provide insights into questions about identity— who we can be and what we can possess. You’ll also discover interesting and practical language structures to quickly learn and apply during Polish conversations.

Polish Lesson 2: Possibilities & Perspectives
Change isn’t always embraced by everyone, as it doesn’t always signify improvement. However, new opportunities and connections usually do. The B1 course embarks on a journey of change, relationship-building, and seizing opportunities. Learn about adapting to various circumstances, from the easy to the challenging. Texts delve into themes like relocation and career transitions, while grammar screens explore the genitive case of plurals.

Polish Lesson 3: Competitions & Prizes
In this lesson, you’ll explore the terminology for winners, record holders, and achievers. Learn about the various types of contests and the rewards they offer: titles, accolades, experiences, and tangible prizes like placements or positions. Discover the Chopin International Piano Contest, held every five years in Warsaw, through engaging text content.

Polish Lesson 4: Everyday rush
The theme of this lesson likely feels familiar— the daily rush that accompanies us from Monday through Friday, and often spills into our weekends. Here, you’ll review telling time and learn informal ways to discuss it. Engage with a typical quarrel in the dialogue section, and explore a short time management questionnaire in the lesson text. In summary, it’s a highly practical lesson tailored to everyday life.

Polish Lesson 5: If I Were…
At the onset of this lesson, one might recall a memorable line from “Fiddler on the Roof.” However, it’s not solely about dreams and material wealth; it also delves into relationships and personal connections. Learn about permissions, obligations, and values, with a focus on the conditional tense in grammar screens.

Polish Lesson 6: Types of culture
From personal to corporate, this lesson explores various facets of culture. Navigate social gatherings with ease, discussing norms and customs. Dive into dos and don’ts, with opportunities to practice passive voice constructions in grammar screens.

Polish Lesson 7: Order on a desk
Wondering what to do with all those documents? Learn practical tips for organizing your workspace, a lesson grounded in the realities of daily office life. Discover insights into a desk cleaning day through informative text content.

Polish Lesson 8: Lifestyle
The concept of lifestyle encompasses a wide array of elements— entertainment, dietary habits, worldviews, and more. Explore preparations for trips, exams, and meetings, along with different environmental settings we inhabit. Strengthen your grasp of noun and adjective declensions in grammar exercises.

Polish Lesson 9: In the kitchen
They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, where much of life unfolds. Dive into a plethora of vocabulary related to food and its impact on health. Explore recipes and contemplate the positive and negative effects of food choices. Practice feminine noun and adjective declensions in grammar exercises.

Polish Lesson 10: Revision: Lessons 01 – 09
Take full advantage of this revision lesson to consolidate previously learned material. Don’t hesitate to revisit explanations if something proves challenging. Proceed through exercises with care and attention to detail.

Polish Lesson 11: Services
This lesson delves into the practical realm of everyday life, as we rely on various services—from healthcare to transportation—on a daily basis.

Polish Lesson 12: Weather
Weather serves as a ubiquitous topic of conversation. This lesson introduces more advanced vocabulary and expressions related to meteorological conditions, enabling you to articulate nuances beyond simple statements like “it rains.” Strengthen your understanding of weather forecasts and warnings, while also delving into conditional constructions.

Polish Lesson 13: Fears
Explore the realm of anxieties and fears, from minor worries to crippling phobias. Acquire vocabulary and verbs to articulate different emotional states accurately, facilitating precise self-expression.

Polish Lesson 14: Legal Aid
Legal matters are an inevitable part of life, from seeking compensation to navigating divorce proceedings. Expand your legal vocabulary and delve into practical structures for discussing legal issues, such as witnessing events or defending oneself. Gain insights into various types of law and rights, enhancing your ability to navigate legal contexts.

Polish Lesson 15: Correspondence
Correspondence extends beyond letters and emails; it encompasses various forms of written communication for different purposes. Learn formalities for initiating and concluding correspondence, along with well wishes for diverse occasions. Enhance your ability to communicate electronically in Polish.

Polish Lesson 16: Personal Development
Personal development encompasses physical, emotional, and intellectual growth. Explore verbs and structures related to self-improvement, education, and skill enhancement. Enhance your ability to discuss educational pursuits and enrollment in courses, broadening your qualifications.

Polish Lesson 17: Human Nature
Dive into the complexities of human nature—joy and sorrow, virtue and vice. Learn expressions related to addictions, life philosophies, and astrological signs. Strengthen your grasp of language through the study of participles.

Lesson 18: Sport
From athletics to fandom, this lesson explores various sports-related topics. Learn vocabulary for different sports, professions, and venues. Master practical structures for discussing sports-related activities and events, including compound sentences and masculine number forms.

Polish Lesson 19: Diseases
While not always cheerful, discussing ailments and health is essential. Acquire vocabulary for discussing health issues, navigating pharmacies, and understanding anatomy. Delve into modern diseases and learn practical dialogues for discussing health matters. Explore reported speech constructions for relaying information accurately.

Polish Lesson 20: Lesson 30: Revision: Lessons 11–19
As you conclude Level B1, take the opportunity to review challenging lessons and reinforce your understanding of key concepts. Print materials for easy reference and practice, ensuring a solid foundation as you continue your Polish language journey. If you encounter difficulties, don’t hesitate to seek clarification from our tutors.

Polish Lesson 21: Polish Administration
Prepare yourself for a challenging yet essential lesson on administrative matters. Gain insights into Poland’s administrative divisions and familiarize yourself with terms related to governmental offices such as the Office for Foreigners and the Registry Office. Delve into humorous anecdotes about bureaucratic encounters while reinforcing your understanding of declension rules.

Polish Lesson 22: Opinions and polemics
Navigate the intricacies of expressing opinions and engaging in debates. Learn vocabulary and structures for articulating viewpoints and participating in discussions. Strengthen your command of language with exercises on plural masculine adjectives.

Polish Lesson 23: Lesson 23: Holidays & Leaves
Explore the intricacies of holidays and leaves, along with reasons for absence from work. Acquire vocabulary for discussing various types of breaks and learn idiomatic expressions. Enhance your understanding of professional burnout while broadening your repertoire of Polish phrases.

Polish Lesson 24: Job Market
The job market is a perennial topic of interest. Learn essential phrases for job hunting and discussing professional skills. Delve into types of employment agreements and employee responsibilities, along with practical tips for job interviews. Strengthen your command of language with examples of interview questions and candidate preparation.

Polish Lesson 25: Misunderstandings and Conflicts
Misunderstandings are inevitable, but resolving conflicts is crucial. Expand your vocabulary for discussing disagreements and behavior during disputes. Explore practical structures for arguing and expressing emotions. Reinforce your understanding of personal pronoun declensions.

Polish Lesson 26: History
Journey through the past with vocabulary and structures for discussing historical events. Learn phrases for participation and dates in various formats. Enhance your understanding of history while expanding your language skills.

Polish Lesson 27: Household budget
Delve into the realm of personal finance with vocabulary related to expenses and bill payment. Learn about financial management and popular types of loans. Explore practical exercises on personal finance management while mastering nominal numbers.

Polish Lesson 28: Furnishing a flat
Prepare for life’s domestic challenges with vocabulary and phrases related to home furnishings and renovations. Enhance your ability to discuss home decor and organization. Delve into the future imperfective tense and practical expressions for talking about future plans.

Polish Lesson 29: E-shopping
Navigate the world of online shopping with vocabulary and structures for e-commerce. Practice language skills on Polish websites while learning phrases for making purchases and inquiries. Embrace the convenience of online shopping while refining your Polish language proficiency.

Polish Lesson 30: Lesson 30: Revision: Lessons 21–29
As you reach the conclusion of Level B1, take time to review and consolidate your learning from the past nine lessons. Print materials for reference and practice, ensuring a strong foundation for future language endeavors. If you encounter challenges, utilize the forum to seek assistance from our tutors. Congratulations on completing Level B1! If you’re ready to further enhance your Polish skills, consider advancing to Level B2, where engaging topics await.

Enjoy learning Polish. Love Poland. Have Fun!


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