Polish for Life & Studies – level A2


Polish Polish language course (A2 level, beginner) is designed for everyone eager to speak and understand Polish, regardless of their background or residency.

The topics have been selected so that each lesson is useful in specific life situations. We hope that this course will not only help in many everyday situations but also allow you to discover the most interesting aspects of Poland and its people.

The Polish language course consists of 30 carefully selected thematic lessons (situations from life in Polish) for self-study.





Polish for Life & Studies  course  (A2 level) is designed for everyone eager to speak and understand Polish, regardless of their background or residency.

The topics have been selected so that each lesson is useful in specific life situations. We hope that this course will not only help in many everyday situations but also allow you to discover the most interesting aspects of Poland and its people.

The Polish language course consists of 30 carefully selected thematic lessons (situations from life in Polish) for self-study.

Each lesson consists, on average, of 30 screens.

All lessons are available in translation into the English. It is worth increasing the effectiveness of your study: on some screens, there is the option to turn on/off the translation so that after familiarizing yourself with vocabulary and structures, you can understand the text or individual words on your own.

Each lesson is dedicated to a specific topic presented in real-life situations. The initial screens introduce new words in a friendly manner, while the following ones show structures where these words are most commonly used, so that the “learner” can quickly apply new knowledge in practice. The next step includes dialogues and texts about specific situations, introducing new characters. Finally, the necessary grammatical rules are provided.

Between these parts, various engaging exercises are placed. Each portion of material contains a minimum of theory and a lot of practice, increasing the efficiency of learning. The lectures conclude with reinforcement and repetition.

Vocabulary and grammar tables are available on instructional screens.

Your guides will be Pol and Pola, providing instructions, household comments, or additional explanations.

Course programme:

Polish Lesson 1: I have a question
Embark on your journey with a lesson on questions. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to ask questions effectively in Polish, empowering you to navigate your learning journey with clarity. Dive into the nuances of Polish verbs like “znać” and “wiedzieć” (to know) and polish your understanding of verb conjugation. Embrace curiosity and propel your Polish proficiency forward.

Polish Lesson 2: Invitation
Master the art of extending invitations, whether formal or informal, and feel confident in Polish social settings. From ceremonies to casual meetups, learn the vocabulary and structures that will make you a gracious host in any situation. Get ready to impress with your newfound skills and embrace the warmth of Polish hospitality.

Polish Lesson 3: Being a student
Step into the world of academia with essential vocabulary for university life. From the contents of a student’s bag to navigating exams, this lesson equips you with the linguistic tools for success in a Polish educational setting. Learn polite phrases to navigate tricky situations and master the comparison of adjectives for vivid descriptions. Elevate your academic experience and excel in Polish studies.

Polish Lesson 4: Geography in practice
Explore the world around you with vocabulary that transcends borders. From the sea to the mountains, immerse yourself in geographical terms that are essential not only for travel but for everyday conversations. Uncover the beauty of diverse landscapes and expand your horizons with this enriching lesson.

Polish Lesson 5: A good friend
Discover the qualities of a true friend and express them eloquently in Polish. Delve into vocabulary that captures the essence of friendship and learn essential verbs like “powinienem” and “powinnam” (should) for effective communication. Perfect your descriptions of people through the comparison of adjectives and deepen your connections in Polish society.

Polish Lesson 6: Cosmetics & Hygiene
Indulge in a lesson that blends practicality with self-care. Master the names of everyday cosmetics and toiletries in Polish, enhancing your daily routines with linguistic precision. From verb conjugation to adverbs, polish your language skills while pampering yourself. Transform your bathroom into a classroom and emerge with a radiant vocabulary.

Polish Lesson 7: At a table
Savor the flavors of Polish cuisine while mastering dining etiquette. From seasoning preferences to culinary conversations, equip yourself with the vocabulary to navigate any meal with ease. Learn the conjugation of essential verbs like “słodzić” and “woleć” (to sweeten, to prefer) and enrich your dining experiences in Polish culture.

Polish Lesson 8: The Internet
Navigate the digital realm with confidence in Polish. From web browsing to online interactions, acquire the language skills to thrive in the virtual world. Conquer the intricacies of declension in Polish grammar and embrace the limitless opportunities for language exploration online.

Polish Lesson 9: What to study?
Embark on a journey through academic disciplines and career paths. Whether you’re a student or a lifelong learner, this lesson offers insights into various fields of study. Master the declension of feminine nouns and expand your vocabulary for engaging conversations about education and beyond.

Polish Lesson 10: Revision: Lessons 1-9
Celebrate your progress with a comprehensive review of lessons past. Revisit key concepts and solidify your understanding through engaging exercises. Reflect on your journey thus far and prepare for the adventures that lie ahead.

Polish Lesson 11: On a red carpet
Dive into the glitz and glamour of celebrity culture while honing your language skills. From Hollywood stars to local luminaries, explore the vocabulary of fame and fortune. Master the locative case and immerse yourself in the world of red carpet elegance.

Polish Lesson 12: Good address
Unlock the language of real estate and property transactions. Whether buying, selling, or renting, equip yourself with the vocabulary for successful negotiations. Delve into the nuances of verb forms and navigate the world of property ownership with confidence.

Polish Lesson 13: On the way
Embark on a linguistic journey through transportation and travel destinations. From city streets to scenic routes, master the vocabulary of movement in Polish. Distinguish between verbs of habitual and occasional action and prepare for your next adventure with language as your guide.

Polish Lesson 14: Shall we meet?
Extend invitations and make plans with ease in Polish. Whether meeting for leisure or business, navigate social engagements with confidence. Master the declension of neuter nouns and wield the instrumental case like a seasoned conversationalist.

Polish Lesson 15: Renovation
Transform your living space while expanding your language skills. Master the vocabulary of home improvement and renovation projects. Delve into the intricacies of perfective and imperfective verbs and embark on a journey of linguistic and domestic renewal.

Polish Lesson 16: From breakfast to supper
Satisfy your linguistic appetite with a lesson on culinary delights. Master the language of food from morning to night and enhance your culinary conversations with advanced structures. Embrace the art of double negation and refine your understanding of noun genders.

Polish Lesson 17: What’s new in politics?
Navigate the complexities of political discourse with confidence in Polish. From government offices to current affairs, master the vocabulary of the political landscape. Command the imperative mood and engage in meaningful discussions on matters of state.

Polish Lesson 18: When was it?
Master the language of time and chronology in Polish. From historical events to personal milestones, express dates with precision and clarity. Perfect your understanding of past tense conjugation and unlock the secrets of temporal expression.

Polish Lesson 19: In a shopping arcade
Embark on a shopping spree while mastering the language of commerce. Navigate retail environments with ease and indulge in the vocabulary of consumer culture. Explore the plural forms of masculine nouns and elevate your shopping experiences with linguistic finesse.

Polish Lesson 20: Revision: Lessons 11-19
Reflect on your language journey with a comprehensive review of recent lessons. Reinforce your knowledge through engaging exercises and prepare for the next stage of your linguistic adventure.

Polish Lesson 21: In a hotel
Embark on a journey of hospitality with essential hotel vocabulary in Polish. From reservations to room service, navigate hotel interactions with ease. Polish your language skills for travel and immerse yourself in the world of accommodation.

Polish Lesson 22: Long weekend
Plan your leisure time with precision in Polish. From weekend getaways to leisurely pursuits, master the language of relaxation and recreation. Embrace the future tense and articulate your weekend plans with confidence.

Polish Lesson 23: Sympathies & Antipathies
Express your emotions with eloquence in Polish. Delve into the vocabulary of feelings and behaviors and refine your understanding of noun declension. Navigate the intricacies of human interaction with linguistic finesse.

Polish Lesson 24: Customer service
Navigate consumer experiences with confidence in Polish. From appointments to returns, master the language of customer service interactions. Perfect your understanding of noun declension and enhance your consumer savvy.

Polish Lesson 25: Television & media
Immerse yourself in the world of media with essential vocabulary in Polish. From television programs to newspaper articles, explore the language of modern communication. Master prepositions and engage in discussions on media consumption.

Polish Lesson 26: Ties & High heels
Elevate your wardrobe discussions with advanced language skills in Polish. From clothing to accessories, express your style preferences with precision. Master practical structures and embrace the language of fashion.

Polish Lesson 27: Household appliances
Master the language of everyday appliances in Polish. From household chores to repairs, navigate domestic situations with ease. Perfect your understanding of verb conjugation and enhance your household management skills.

Polish Lesson 28: Outside the city
Escape the urban hustle and bustle with vocabulary for countryside adventures. From nature walks to zoo visits, explore the great outdoors in Polish. Master all tenses and embark on enriching excursions beyond the city limits.

Polish Lesson 29: Blonde & Black-haired men
Describe yourself and others with precision in Polish. From physical attributes to personal characteristics, express yourself with clarity. Perfect your language skills and exude confidence in any social setting.Start Lesson

Polish Lesson 30: Revision: Lessons 21–29
Celebrate your linguistic achievements with a final review of recent lessons. Solidify your knowledge through engaging exercises and prepare for the next chapter of your language journey. With intermediate-level proficiency in Polish, the possibilities are endless. Get ready to embark on new adventures in language learning.

Enjoy learning Polish. Love Poland. Have Fun!


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